Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The new business also can be more stylish black E40 depth evaluation

December 8, 2004, Lenovo accomplishment of IBM, the world's leading brand of all desktop and notebook business. For a time, Lenovo became the world's third-largest PC maker.

Now, time has passed 5 years. Lenovo Through straight hard work, success will have a worldwide reputation of Lenovo ThinkPad successful. CES2010 Exhibition held in some time ago, the Lenovo ThinkPad times breaks through the traditional design of the new E series of exposure.

As we all know, ThinkPad notebook has been the choice for business in the field. Is a long time, steady low-key style continued for too long the United States, almost every appearance of a model is familiar. Until the emergence of E series, which all have changed. So it is no exaggeration to say that, ThinkPad Edge Series is the ThinkPad notebook business a sharp change.

Dynamic element in E40 steady fashion style change

Lenovo 125 Battery has always been to everyone's impression is steady, but every time a new generation of product launch, the technological content of its inherent increased, the outer but not much in the style of a breakthrough.

ThinkPad notebooks have almost a general body of each black shell, so we gave it a kind of nickname, "black." Some years ago, ThinkPad been slightly different on the introduction of Z-series, titanium metal roof and wide by many at the time of the attack ThinPad followers.

Compared to Z Series, Edge Series design more bold. First, break the black of the roof design and materials used to build the A mirror plane under the roof light in the outside world even more luxury, the edge with silver ABS. Retained the ThinkPad's black style, and bold red are optional. This is for women of my friends, is indeed good news.

However, Lenovo Ideapad s10 Series Battery always have pros and cons of both sides. Mirror design uses a "black" E40 even under the attractive appearance of retained fingerprints and easy to wear less surface defects, but do not have to worry too much, this problem can be resolved by foil.

Case series of changes to ThinkPad Edge more fashionable and dynamic.

Need to maintain a constant descent E40 business confidence

Today, the notebook market flowers contend. Although the ThinkPad in the eyes of many users is a constant symbol of business, but had to admit that the other contenders in the frantic comeback. Therefore, ThinkPad to stick to the status of business Bazhe must be with the times.

Open the notebook, this ThinkPad E40 notebook design with the previous SL series is very similar. Ibm Thinkpad x23 Battery are still being designed in the bottom of the screen, the whole building with black material, and the overall style is similar to ThinkPad.

Screen with respect, highlighted by a 14-inch LED screen. 16:9 ratio is more suitable for watching movies, 1366 × 768 resolution without delay of two office entertainment.

ThinkPad E40 Although slightly larger size machine, but the 14-inch screen, office and entertainment can achieve an optimal balance, the whole weight of not too bulky.

Growing more comfortable typing comfort E40

Upgrade the screen size to make room for a larger machine, ThinkPad R & D team attaches great importance to improve aspects of the use experience, almost every machine will be in the comfort of a great effort from top to bottom.

ThinkPad E40 C-face and not too flashy design, peradventure because of their positioning in the mobile business, C outside surface in addition to the keyboard and touchpad, and no other function keys design. But the edge of the keyboard as a whole close to the case, it has great room for the palm.

Many notebooks beginning in the design did not consider these, the top edge of the keyboard with the shell left a great void. This design is not only a waste of space, more importantly, prolonged use of pain in his hand. The reason is that when typing, hand and not flat on the notebook, while the ThinkPad's E40 is not the existence of such problems.

ThinkPad notebook keyboard in the user base, word of mouth has been the top. For a long time, ThinkPad keyboard is considered one of the most sufficient keyboard. Now, Ibm Thinkpad t43 Battery is a brought to you the latest research and development laboratory results of Think.

Now use the keyboard is not unusual interruption design, but the E40 is not only suspended the keyboard to bring all that simple. First of all keys are very large, according to the probability of error is very small. In addition, all outside-depression each Cap, Cap fingers naturally hit, the overall feel is very comfortable.

Classic ThinkPad exclusive control of the accumulation

ThinkPad is a style of speak for words, every ThinkPad notebook can find other brands of laptop can not find the unique design and style.

Each used or understood ThinkPad users will be unique on that little red dot remembering, although there have been many other similar small blue dot, black specks. But the ThinkPad's red dot can not be erased forever glorious as it is not just a control bar, comfortable handling sensitive manner and under the red and blue section, This form of ThinkPad mouse control called comparable to control user experience .

Many friends will wonder, since there is a touch pad below the arrow keys. That should be what the red and blue mean? In fact, Ibm Fru 02k7030 Battery is where the wisdom of ThinkPad engineers through this design, just with one hand can control the focusing of little red spots; the same can also be completed with the completion of this hand and right-and left-click mouse button to drag action.

Similarly, if you are not used to this way of manipulation. ThinkPad E40 provides a touch pad, you can also use alternative to the mouse.

ThinkPad E40 did not neglect the details of the design, airframe agreed 6-in-1 card reader for easy mobile multimedia devices, storage devices and computers to exchange, top of the screen 130W pixel camera and built-in microphone is also a great degree of convenience users to hold video conferences.

Mean pre-configure the space off the battery

ThinkPad E40 technology in their own do not have any upgrade. But the E40 in the overall design of the ThinkPad family has been and is different from other machines, but as the product itself, the continuously promoted is the lengthiness of the classic benevolent. ThinkPad has been dedicated to technology updates, Ibm Fru 93p5029 Battery will also make "black" taken the appearance of a big style.

ThinkPad E40 Original battery is 4 core, stand-by capacity. But, after all, E40 is not a time to life as a selling point of the machine, such standard is the bounds of reason. In need of time users matching higher-capacity 9-cell battery.

E40 has a removable bottom of the baffle, but after I remove the baffle, which does not have the appropriate equipment, welding location is reserved space. I guess this should be the model for the optional 3G module, reserve position.

Strong performance I E40 equipped with a new Core system platform

ThinkPad look have understood, let us look together with its hardware.

E40 uses the Intel Core I3-330M processor, equated to before the smash hit of the P series processors is, 32nm process technology is more power. P series processors, compared with the I3-330M, Ibm Thinkpad r40 Battery compared with the frequency of the P7450 and up to 3MB of three cache processor carrying out is also better to double nuclear power plant is also the P7450 thread of reach.

Display processing part is the ATI4570 graphics chip, the RV710 55nm core for the first derivative version of the core, built-in 242 million transistors, 80 stream processors, eight texture units and 4 raster units. Ibm Thinkpad t43 Battery is equipped with 512MB of memory for its capacity, but its bit width is only 64Bit. However, the core of the show that heat is not high, the performance impressive.

E40 Windows7 system in the middle score in the results, although the score does not represent the performance of its absolute merits. However, we could score compared to the previous platform, E40's low scores in the business notebook has a very high position.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lenovo announced the new ThinkPad L Series Notebook

Lenovo today officially released the two ThinkPad L series notebook 15-inch 14-inch L412 and L512, the new in this for business, government and education market application, a series of energy saving.

Ibm Thinkpad r52 Series Battery said, L is the Lenovo ThinkPad series of new productions in the most environmentally friendly energy saving a power consumption lower than 40% of other types of notebook, the external design uses 30% recycled materials and renewable, and to meet different standards in eight military resistance, high temperature, pressure, dust, through the Energy Star 5.0 and EPEAT Gold certification.

The new ThinkPad L Series notebooks will be used to support Turbo Boost speed, Hyper-Threading Technology 32nm Intel Core i3/i5 processor and Celeron P4500 processor, display aspect ratio of 16:9, ATI Mobility Radeon graphics card or Intel integrated graphics, 8GB maximum memory, multiple hard drive content options.Lenovo Thinkpad sl400 Battery said the new system, the Windows 7 experience in the use of enhanced technology to Lenovo after startup and shutdown speed by 57%. Among them, the entry-level notebook with a Celeron P4500 processor will, 1GB memory and 160GB hard drive.

In addition, the new interpretation will support 3G/4G, WiFi, Bluetooth wireless, Gigabit Ethernet, with multi-point touch pad, eight-hour battery life, providing 4 X USB 2.0, eSATA / USB, DisplayPort and VGA interfaces.

Ibm Thinkpad t60 Battery said, L412 and L512 will be available mid-May, starting from 649 U.S. dollars.

Monday, April 12, 2010

6 ThinkPad notebook Recommended

ThinkPad notebooks have been no new products to market faster, but every major innovation in technology can give you a surprise. Such as Red Dot, keyboard light, dynamic hard disk protection system is switching the processor platform, launched the new R & D department from Think masterpiece, but beginning from the T60, ThinkPad platform switch during the time remains a slow half-shot habits, but Lenovo e255 Battery is less technological invention.

Recently innovated X100e, E series and even just the arrival of X201, we do not see too much in the technical highlights, Fortunately, these products still maintain good stability, security, on the other hand the market price of the more and more accessible, from the overall look, Lenovo Ideapad y430 Series Battery is very appealing.

ThinkPad  X100e (3508R13)

Exterior side, ThinkPad X100e (Lenovo Thinkpad x61s 7671 Battery) notebook with a plastic, surface and screen for the machine to bring good protection; touchpad design is very unique, located above the touchpad with the red dot key is to facilitate the operation and design , and continued the ThinkPad's excellent touch; touchpad surface and the contact fingers feel very comfortable, and supports multi-touch possesses, is very human, while the machine weighs only 1.5 kg, portability, very well.

Configuration, ThinkPad X100e ( Ibm Asm 10l2158 Battery) notebook power-driven by the AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 low-power processor, with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200 graphics chip; comes standard with 1GB memory and 160GB hard drive; built-in integrated camera, 6-core Lithium battery; preinstalled Windows 7 Home Basic operating system.

ThinkPad X100e (3508R13) notebook with AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 processor, the general weighing only 1.5 kg, has a very good portability.

ThinkPad E30 (019744C)

Exterior side, ThinkPad E30 ( Ibm Fru 92p1139 Battery) cap with ABS personal, with the red light area of heat transfer, retaining only the "ThinkPad" in the logo, with a trace of a white border, the overall simple style; interior, the classic ThinkPad retained high a sense of the keyboard, TrackPoint pointing stick and ThinkVantage technologies; with 13.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768. Machine weight is 1.64Kg.

Configuration, ThinkPad E30 ( Ibm fx00364 Battery) notebook computers powered by AMD Athlon Neo X2 L325 (1.5GHz) processor, AMD M780G + SB700 chipset, ThinkPad BGN wireless network card; Standard 2GB DDR3 memory, 250GB hard drive, Intel GMA X4500MHD graphics core; pre-loaded with Windows 7 Home Basic working system. The interface side, ThinkPad E30 (019744C) notebook computer has three USB interface, an HDMI high-definition ports, support for 5 in 1 card reader (MMC, SD, MS, MS-Pro, xD), and RJ45 (network interface) , headphone output interface, a microphone input interface, power connector.

Lenovo ThinkPad as its a new series of products, Lenovo ThinkPad E30 (019744C), compared with the traditional black design is very large indeed a "breakthrough", the color change is not only colorful shell, Ibm Thinkpad a30 Battery and many have begun to fashion element popularity of this in the ThinkPad; In addition, the machine hardware, with the more limited, performance sufficient to meet the demand for daily office use.


Exterior side, ThinkPad SL410 with a 14-inch, LED backlit screen 16:9, with the glare technology, top of the screen also built a 2 million pixel camera; speakers are placed in the bottom of the screen near the hinge, blue ThinkVantage button motivated to right side, Ibm Thinkpad t20 Battery keep the red TrackPoint, and used with multi-touch features of the touchpad; fuselage front office to the inside of impression status indicator, user-friendly open; according to the published information, SL410 than SL400 2-mm thin, light 8%, with 6 cell battery and weighs approximately 2.3 kg.

Configuration, ThinkPad SL410 ( Ibm Thinkpad x31 Battery) notebook high-powered by Intel Pentium Dual Core T6570 processor, Intel PM45 + ICH9M motherboard chipset; Standard 2GB DDR3 memory, 320GB hard drive, DVD burner; pre-installed Windows 7 Home Basic operating system.

ThinkPad SL410 (2842EVC) classic piano black mirror, the appearance of calm competence. Dual-core T6570 processor configuration, HD 4570 alone was fully able to meet the entertainment needs of the user's office.

Lenovo ThinkPad X200

Lenovo ThinkPad X200 black, with high-magnesium alloy as the main personal, waterproof, earthquake, moisture and so outstanding. Scrub the cover texture, feel comfortable, and not to leave fingerprints. Adopted, as always, cutting edge bevel is designed to allow the body already very thin even more light. Total weight is 1.48 kg, the thickness of 21-35 mm,Lenovo e260 Battery with superior portability.

Configuration, ThinkPad X200 (Lenovo Thinkpad r61 Series Battery) appointed with a Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 processor, 2.4GHz frequency; standard 1GB DDR3 RAM, 250GB HDD; with integrated Intel GMA X4500 graphics core; pre-installed Windows 7 Home Basic operating system.

ThinkPad X200 (7454GFC) in thin and light portable features a very prominent area, designed with 12-inch size and weighs 1.48 kg.

Lenovo ThinkPadX201i

Lenovo ThinkPad X201i (Lenovo Thinkpad x61s 7667 Battery) with i3 330M 2.13GHz Intel Core Duo processor, the kernel architecture for the Arrandale, Core i3 biggest feature is the integrated GPU (graphics processor), that is Core i3 CPU + GPU will be made of two core software system . As the integrated GPU performance is limited, users want better 3D performance, can be applied graphics. X201 motherboard chipset Intel QM57, in the overall stability and heat control to a certain upgrade.

I believe we care about is X201 in addition to processors, chipsets, beyond those of the change, what technology foundations. Should be said that the association once again let everyone down, X201 the X200 the overall appearance is little different than the X200 a little thicker roof, Ibm Thinkpad z60t Battery and removed the lenovo logo, retaining only the ThinkPad logo. The relative increase in modem jack X200, X200 is a reserved bit, but not the physical interface. In the bottom of the heat on, X201 added a set of vents. If this X201 biggest change brought about an increase than the touchpad, but the limited size X Series notebooks, the touchpad is slightly cramped. So far, I have not found the X201 to the technological innovation and what a few years ago IBM ThinkPad comparable.

Lenovo ThinkPadT400 (27658EC)

In shape, the Lenovo ThinkPad T400 ( Ibm Thinkpad t60 Series Battery) notebook features a carbon fiber, black matte shell, simple competence, built-in double magnesium roll cage, durable, and with 14.1-inch LED-backlit display, the whole weight of 2.1 kg.

In the configuration, the Lenovo ThinkPad T400 ( Ibm Thinkpad r30 Series Battery) notebook with Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 processor (2.4GHz frequency), standard 2GB memory and 320GB hard drive, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 alone was important with the Intel GMA X4500 set, with camera head and fingerprint identification, pre-installed Windows 7 Professional system.

Lenovo ThinkPad T400 (Ibm fru92p1147 Battery) shape business effective, Core 2 Duo P8600 processor, dual graphics accompanied by switching performance strong.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

i5 single significant price increases Win7 Lenovo G460 flip the storm!

With the arrival of Lenovo Y460 notebooks, Lenovo in the notebook market has once again set off a cost-effective storm, with Y460 notebook with the current period, there is an equally deserving of concern, it is Lenovo Idealpad G460-IFI, it is popular Core i5 processor, discrete graphics, and genuine Windows 7 system, Ibm Thinkpad i1560 Battery has attracted many people's eyes, the following let us more in-depth look at this notebook.
From the appearance of speaking, Lenovo G460-IFI laptop the first thing our eyes is that Ibm Thinkpad r52 Battery painted black roof, roof paint used piano mirror printing HP Imprint design technology, if we look closely will find that the bottom of the mirror folding patterns on hazy and indistinct, which makes the appearance of this notebook to do the simple but not simple, but without losing the atmosphere beautiful, very discourse consumers like it.
Lenovo G460-IFI notebook uses 14-inch 16:9 LED backlit display with a settlement of 1366 * 768, on the screen along we can see, a 300,000-pixel camera is integrated which, I think Ibm Thinkpad t42 Series Battery is a lot of popular chat and make friends happy to see.
Lenovo G460-IFI laptop keyboard is the use of Lenovo's notebook computers are now common high-touch notebook Lenovo keyboard. The design is very grainy touch pad, phase will certainly support more multi-touch-point operations. Here it is worth mentioning that this notebook palmrest design, Ibm Thinkpad x20 Battery using aluminum-magnesium alloy material and metal wire drawing process, feel very good, suitable for prolonged use. But also in the palmrest, we can see, this machine's primary configuration, in which Core i5 said he was dazzling blue.
Configuration, Ibm fru92p1082 Battery using Core i5 processor, Intel motherboard chipset HM55, the default frequency 2.2GHz, the Core Duo Core i Series supports frequency technology that may be accelerated to 2.53GHz, 3 cache to 3MB. Standard 2G RAM, 320GB 5400 switch, SATA hard drive and built-in DVD burner. Used in the low-end cards like the NVIDIA Geforce 310M, Memory 512MB can basically satisfy the users of high-definition and gaming needs. And come preloaded with a Windows 7 Home basic.
In the interface, the Ibm Fru 92p1173 Battery is quite extensive. The right side of the fuselage from the back to front are the power supply, USB, CD-ROM, and two audio interface, in the fuselage on the left are the RJ45 port, VGA port, USB, E-SATA, and placed side by side ExpressCard expansion of mouth and HDMI high-definition video interface. Basically able to meet consumer high-definition, external mobile hard drive needs.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The new ThinkPad Red

Greatly to subvert the traditional impression of ThinkPad Series ThinkPad Edge 13, Ibm fru02k6652 Battery antecedently had been issued Yeager had a Intel version of the master evaluation experience. This time we got the AMD version, hung with AMD Vison Pro, but also a shiny mirror red.

The author is not the ThinkPad series of users, the ThinkPad series of sinking, the impression that only red dot on the keyboard, it sets the red type other than the AMD version of Edge, the glossy plastic material, although not as metal texture, but with the overall solid institutions, Shuang is still not quite high, but Ibm 02k6485 Battery is also very easy to dip lower fingermarks Shuang degrees, island-style keyboard is right I feel pretty fresh at the beginning a little accustomed to, but is not used to feeling changed for the better fight XD, playing Shun after which no problem, insist so what's shortcomings, probably will affect the speed of continuous input point, but I personally do not have any trouble, because typing without approaching this level, a large area to use touch pad will not there are limitations to a sense of the use of multi-touch zoom text or picture is on the other hand. The software side, before the Thinkpad's ThinkVantage Tools management tools in this also, for example is the Power Manager (Power Management), crash backpack protection can be set to stop the hard disk vibration sensitivity of the operation.

The temperature, the body part of the back of the wireless card high point, but on the laptop will not go to an uncomfortable degree When he's cold you can warm XD, even under prolonged use almost feel the operation of machinery or suddenly big voice suddenly small, hard to read. I let Edge repeat an Xvid video files, plus browse the web with Chrome, open PCMan the PTT, playing the Word, Ibm 02k6626 Battery take a look at plans, testing endurance functioning of nearly three hours.

Market position for the business on the Edge of view, I believe that design is the largest segment exterior area, which could bring out the professional business and fashion sense, performance, though not particularly prominent, but to meet the demand for work and play in general considered more than sufficient.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The most cost-effective business models ThinkPad SL410 (284255C)

     Thinkpad series of notebooks has always been first choice for business people establish taste, which escape the high prices brought against the crowd, while the SL series was introduced in order to solve this problem for entry-level users of the product line, the series has recently Adds new members, a separate graphics card with the new black - ThinkPad SL410 ( Ibm Thinkpad x41 Tablet Battery) notebook computer is available now. The books for the 14-inch purpose, with Intel Core 2 Duo T6670 processor, 2GB RAM, 320GB hard drive, independent ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 graphics cards, the performance with it is real.

Appearance in: ThinkPad SL410 improved appearing comes from the SL400, speakers are designed in the bottom of the screen, Think Blue shortcut keys from the keyboard on the left moved the keyboard on the right. Below the space bar designed with a similar arc design of ThinkPad T400s.

Configuration: IntelCore 2 Duo T6670 processor, clocked at 2.0GHz, Intel PM45 chipset, 2GBDDR3 memory, 500GB hard drive, ATiM92-S2 256MB DDR3 discrete graphics, DVDRW burner, 14.1-inch widescreen ( Ibm Thinkpad I 1720 Battery), wireless network module (BGN), camera, 6-cell battery, Microsoft Windows Vista Basic Edition pre-installed operating system, the whole weight of 2.32 kilograms.

Interface connection: ThinkPad SL410 ( Ibm Thinkpad r51 Battery) has three USB 2.0 interface, an eSATA port, IEEE 1394 Firewire port, VGA video output port, RJ45, 1 set of audio input / output interface, HDMI high-definition output, an Express Card expansion slot, 7-one card reader, DC power port and so on. Network, built-in 1000M Ethernet card to support 802.11 b / g wireless network protocol. Life, the use of 6-cell lithium battery, the official said the battery life up to 3 hours.

    Core 2 Duo T6670 processor, 2GB RAM, 320GB hard drive, independent ATI Radeon HD 4570 graphics card, these data would be able to explain what distinguishes this business rookie, while prices for at least the same level of products, or have the a certain degree of impact, while the Ibm Thinkpad x61s Battery is the quality of the final decision of the SL410 is a great value for business notebooks.